Hi, I would like to Introduce myself and tell you a little about myself. 

I have 34 years hairdressing experience 23 of them running my own salon/business.

  However after 20 years I felt It was time for a change and due to personal circumstances I was looking for less responsibilities and a little More support.

I was a client here at Gorgeous Salon for my nails and massages.

 I was  always made to feel welcome, So When I was asked to join the team, It didn't take me long to make my mind up.

Since joining the Salon, there have been some changes.

Well The Less Responsabilities Didnt Last Long! But I have amazing support!

I joined Lisa in co running the Salon after just three months.

We have become great friends and I truly believe our paths crossed for so many reasons.

Less than three years Later Due to Liza's personal circumstances I Became sole owner of Gorgeous salon February 2020. Lisa Still works part time

self employed in the salon. 

Sadly I lost my son Jack 29th December 2019

We laid Jack 28 to rest January 31st 2020. The next day I was responsable for the salon.

I cant begin to tell you how hard this year has been even without corona virus. What I do know is i couldnt of got through it without my family but equally my work family and Clients. 

This year has taught me life is short embrace every moment!

I love my Job and My clients 

I Look Forward to Meeting You

Louise x